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Recent important events:

  • a New Year´s Eve firework display in Prostejov marked by media as "a phenomenal performance not seen in Prostejov since the Great October Revolution celebrations"
  • Santa Claus arrival in Olomouc
  • a corporate party in the NH Hotel in Olomouc
  • Video defender of the 1st place in the St. Wenceslas´Sword Fireworks Competition with the Tribute to Freddie Mercury show (2010)
  • a ceremonial firework display representing the dance of flowers in Havirov City during its famous „Havirov in Bloom“ event
  • a ceremonial firework display at the World Championship of Handicapped Athletes
  • Video a very successful firework performance Gifts of Arabia during the Historical Fair in Liberec
  • Video 1st place in the St. Wenceslas' Sword Fireworks Competition in Olomouc with the Knight Epos firework performance.
  • Fireworks display at the concert of the Europera orchestra and choir from Poland, Germany and the Czech republic at Macha Lake
  • Flame Lady and Sir Roland – a firework performance in Liberec based on legends of the Jested mountain region. One of virgins sacrificed to the Dragon returns to town seeking revenge. However, the town is saved from destruction by brave Sir Roland. Video Video Video Video
  • The history of Bad Hersfeld and Sumperk – festive fireworks display commemorating the 15th anniversary of cooperation of Sumperk and Bad Hersfeld. This fireworks performance focuses on the history as well as today of both cities including witch trials in the Sumperk region, spa springs in Bad Hersfeld and important architectonic elements in Sumperk, the reason why the town is called „Little Vienna“. Video Video Video
  • Wallenstein Festival in Frydlant – firework performance based on the life of Albrecht von Wallenstein – see Firework Stories. Video Excerpts from www.valdstejnske-slavnosti.cz - public reactions:
    • The firework display was beautiful and the music perfect. It was the culmination of the evening.
    • The torch parade and firework display – words cannot describe them. When the first torches appeared, people were silent and watched the flames in soldiers´ hands. Few people expected something better. However, when the firework display started on the balcony, it was clear that the parade was only a „starter“. And then it started. The firework display was great and perfectly organized. It can get only the best marks!
    • The firework display was luxurious as usual. Even our guests from Prague said that even the Millenium firework display in Prague had not been better.

  • 1st place in the Fireworks Competition St. Wenceslav Sword in Olomouc with the fireworks performance The History of Mankind Video
  • opening of the Golden Apple mall in Zlin Video
  • celebration of the 650th anniversary of the start of construction of the Charles Bridge in Prague Video
  • opening of the “Albrecht von Wallenstein and his period” exhibition in the Wallenstein Palace in Prague for the Czech Republic Senate Video Video
  • Video introduction of new lights of the Jan Hus Memorial on the Old Town Square in Prague
  • 1st place in the Czech Fireworks Competition in Pilsen Video
  • Video the Czech Republic Miss Petra Minarova wedding
  • Video pyrotechnical effects for a gala-evening of the Archa Chantal Foundation



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