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Pyrotechnical effects - Theatre performances

The theatre does not need to be a classical stone building although even such a stage allows the usage of interior pyrotechnical effects…

It can be any type of theatre - effects can make stronger not only the final bow of the artists but they can also contribute to the impressive image of individual scenes.

A brave gladiator enters the arena - why not to add glamour to him by fire columns reflected in his shining armour…

A witch cannot be burnt without live fire and impressive black smoke and if you want to get rid of the famous pirate Captain Silver, you can allow him an heroic death suitable for the governor of the waters - you can send him away floating on a raft and then you can have a fire wall ignited to cover him with eternal flames.

It is not possible to imagine the arrival of mysterious demons of the night without any pyrotechnical effects… However, the mysterious atmosphere can be created even in the daylight …. it can be done with the help of historical coulisses and well situated smoke…

The ritual mood in the evening or twilight will give the shivers to onlookers watching the sacrifice of a virgin.…

If you need to support the revelation of an angel or raging of a devil, the ideal solutions are gentle or flame effects.

Pyrotechnical effects can also brighten the performance of marionettes – in this case they supported the technical perfection of Pinocchio.



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