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Johannes Kepler and Albrecht von Wallenstein

This special firework performance was created for the occasion of the exhibition “Albrecht von Wallenstein and his period” in the Czech Republic Senate for the so called “Wallenstein cities”, i.e. cities closely connected with the life of this army-leader. However, this performance is so original and extraordinary, that it is suitable also for other historical or corporate events.

Video The guide leading us through the whole firework performance is Johannes Kepler, a court astrologer to Albrecht von Wallenstein. He accuses Wallenstein´s life-sized portrait of not using his life to contribute to mankind. The portrait defends Wallenstein – it describes the army-leader´s success in battles as well as in construction of new buildings and apologizes for the mentioned shortcomings explaining that they were caused by personal losses and illnesses in Wallenstein´s private life.

In the dramatic finale the portrait bursts into flames and the live Wallenstein steps out of the picture to present his final message.

The whole firework performance is accompanied by low as well as huge high effects leading to a monumental finale.


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