While others ignite fireworks, we conjure
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History of Mankind

This extraordinary project gives the art of fireworks a completely new dimension. It combines not only pyrotechnical effects and music in a composed firework display, but it adds also spoken words and live characters.

One of these live characters is a mysterious guide who will take you through the whole performance introducing individual chapters from the History of Mankind.

The first chapter is the Birth of World illustrated by burning figures of the first people. Then the Pagan period comes symbolized by huge fires burnt to honour Pagan Gods including the Sun God, a period that will end with the arrival of Christianity.

The mysterious guide will lead us through history into another important period – the Middle Ages, a period, when the world was governed not only by violence but also by romance and love. Video

Gradually, we go through the period of important overseas discoveries and the technical revolution. We will also visit the history of culture – we will be greeted by Charlie Chaplin and a dancer from a Paris bawdy-house district.

However, the general joy in the world is interrupted by a catastrophe. The bloodiest conflict in the history of mankind was without any doubt World War II. And World War II is also the next chapter of our journey through history. The sound effects accompanied by real explosions and other effects create an atmosphere of terror that is so real that nobody is surprised when Death comes onto the stage.

The whole performance finishes with an optimistic Hallelujah and an impressive fireworks finale symbolizing the hope that similar catastrophes in the history of mankind will not be repeated.


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