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Historical fashion show

We can offer an outdoor evening programme accompanied by pyrotechnical effects – a historical fashion show leading viewers into individual periods of mankind's history and illustrating these phases not only with exquisite stage costumes but also by scenes from a given period. The performance is suitable for city festivals and similar big events.

Video An ancient dancer invokes mysterious gods. The dark forces answer her wishes and come in full force…

Video The next scene takes us into an arena where beautiful Roman ladies watch the gladiators engage in combat.

Video The contests of the knights for the honour of ladies will be recreated with knights fighting in full armour.

Video Video History also has its dark sides - the executioner leads his victims for execution.

Hussars with all their excesses, and the beauty of ladies whose patience was often stretched very thin…


The humorous finale of the fashion show is the final period showing the time of communism represented by a proud partisan, pioneers and the famous “Spartakiada” festivals.

Video Video Video

This multimedia show is the result of cooperation with top Czech artists and creators:

  • “Kvelb” Theatre
  • Swordfighter group “Merlet”
  • Juggler Sacramont
  • Artists of the “Bohem” company
  • “Trn v oku” dancers
  • Pyrotechnical effects by Pyro & Art


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